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Molly & Tess

Stoneglow Pomegranate & Spiced Wood Candle

Stoneglow Pomegranate & Spiced Wood Candle

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This gorgeous candle from Stoneglow emits a beautiful aromatic and spicy scent.

Pomegranate & Spiced woods in a spicy and aromatic fragrance, blended with pink pepper, thyme, frankincense, with a zingy citrus burst. Balanced with warm and fruity notes of patchouli and apple, plum and raspberry. Along with base notes of musky cedar, tobacco and warm amber.

The sleek and circular clear glass jar is filled with fragrance while its classy and stylish striped packaging makes this item a lovely gift for friends and family, perfect for a new home, birthday or as a way to say thank you.

With a burn time of up to 40 hours, this high-quality item is perfect for placing on a coffee table, window ledge or shelf so you can enjoy your favourite scents anywhere in your home.

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